An Official Diagnosis! 

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone for all of the awesome get well wishes! That made me feel so loved. You guys are the best. One thing this blog has shown me is that I have great taste in bloggers! You guys really are the best. Thank you. 

So, check out what $10 got me on Tuesday.  An appointment with my favorite P.A., a shot in the toosh, a diagnosis and three scripts. $5 for the visit and $5 for all three scripts. I’m excited about that second part. I love Cigna Healthspring.  My official diagnosis – the creeping crud, as I call it. Just a virus. No special name for it. Just a virus. A particularly nasty one but in the end, just a virus. Sue said if I weren’t better by Friday to come back and I swear I heard the dreaded word in there somewhere – hospital.  No thanks. Did life support for eight days right at eleven months ago.  Not doing that again for awhile.  

I am still pretty tired but certainly feeling better than I have for the last nine or ten days. 

There is a moral to this story. Simple. Don’t be a frigging dufus like me. If you start feeling icky, go to the damn doctor. Don’t wait a week.   Sue said this virus is running rampant and it ain’t pretty! 

I hear the couch calling my name.  I have something crazy to tell you guys tomorrow so please pop back in tomorrow night. 

Thanks for everything you guys! 



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